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Fashion 101: Know about different types of necklines, you must!

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“You must pass on all that you have earned…err…learned”

Hey everyone, here I’m going to pass on my ancient wisdom about the necklines to you fellas. Now the necklines are one of the most important components of a garment and they can make or break the overall appearance of the outfit and the wearer.

It’s important to choose the right neckline according to the dress and body type. You can use the information in this article for choosing the best neckline for you while designing both western and Indian outfits.

So, let’s get started.

Below are different types of necklines:

1. The Crew Neckline

This is a round neckline which you might have commonly observed in T-shirts. This neckline sits close to the neck and not suitable for those with a short neck or narrow shoulders. Go for this neckline if you have a long neck and petite or hourglass figure. Avoid this neckline if you don’t want to put all the attention on your bust area.


2. Jewel Neckline

Now this neckline is almost similar to crew neck except it’s a little deeper and commonly lies where necklaces are worn (hence the name ‘jewel’ neck). Sabyasachi is known to use this neckline in his outfits a lot and making it a hot trend for the Indian wear. This neckline brings sophistication and elegance to any outfit, both western and Indian. Avoid this neckline if you have a full figure unless you’re Kim Kardashian.


3. U neckline

This is a neckline, that you all may know about already, and if you don’t please consider reading my book “Fashion for Dummies”, which I haven’t written yet because nobody funded me and I’m a couch potato at times. If you still don’t know what a U neckline is, it’s a neckline shaped like a U. Here you go. Peace. What’s more? This neckline is universally liked and suits all kinds of body types.


4. Square Neckline

Now if U-neckline is shaped like U, a square neckline must be shaped like a ‘square’ you say. Yass, you guessed it right. Here you go with the picture, in case you thought it will be a complete square. Nope, its open at one end because we need to put the garment through our neck and also, breathe.


5. V Neckline

Okay, so no more sarcasm in this one. A V neckline is shaped like a V and looks good on almost everyone (until you’re KRK or MSG or Om Swami….Ahh, I can’t stop!). This neckline elongates the body (not literally) so choose this neckline if you’re short and want to create an illusion of being a little less short.


6. Boat Neckline.

Also known as the Bateau neckline, this is a neckline most recently and frequently spotted on our very own Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. She chose this neckline for her iconic wedding gown and several other outfits for her appearances following the royal wedding. This neckline emphasizes the bust and highly recommended for pear shape body.when-meghan-markle-wore-green-prince-louis-christening-tSource

7. Scoop Neckline

It’s a deep U neckline which suits all kinds of body types including apple, pear, potato, okras, watermelon….seriously…all of them. Choose this neckline if you want to camouflage your broad shoulders or a short neck.


8. Keyhole neckline

This neckline includes a keyhole kind of opening, either circular, tear-shaped or oval right under the edge. It is widely used in both western and Indian outfits.


9. Sweet Heart Neckline

This neckline is truly the sweetheart of a number of designers as it accentuates the curves and adds a feminine appeal to the garment.


10. Bardot neckline

Commonly known as off the shoulder neckline, this neckline falls from the edge of one shoulder to another. It’s a feminine neckline that highlights the shoulders and neck.


11. Halter Neckline

Highlight your shoulders with this sexy and appealing neckline. Choose this neckline if you have a long neck and slender shoulders. No need to frown if you have a short neck, you can totally wear halter neck, just with a different cut. Keep on reading to find out.


12. Ruffle neckline

Add some ruffles to your neckline and voila, you have a garment with a ruffled neckline.


13. Halter neckline with straps

This halter neckline with straps is perfect for those with a short neck and adds sexiness to the whole outfit.


 14. Decollete Neckline

You might have seen this neckline on a lot of celebrities. This plunging neckline is super hot and goes past the cleavage revealing just the right amount of skin and leaving rest to the imagination.


15. Paperbag Neckline

This neckline was the hottest trend in the past few months and still being used by many designers. The pleats on the neckline resemble a crushed paper bag, hence the name.


16. Asymmetric neckline

Well, the picture here explains it all.


17. Horseshoe neckline               

A picture speaks a thousand words. Also, spare me a little typing, please.


 18. Racerback Neckline

A criss-cross of straps at the back revealing your skin in just the right places. It’s a sporty and sexy neckline.


Whoaa….you’re still reading? You must be seriously into fashion or landed here after getting bored from all the social media platforms. Anyways, here are a few more necklines to boost up your fashion quotient.

19. Scallop neckline

A neckline with scallops either facing the neck or the bodice. Scalloping can also be used in hemlines.


20. Sabrina Neckline

Commonly used in wedding gowns, this neckline is a variation of the boat neckline. You can use this neckline when boat neck is suffocating you as it is slightly lower than that.



21. Funnel Neckline

Let the image talk.


There are a number of other necklines that you can create by adding variations to the above mentioned basic necklines. There is no limit to designing and it all depends on your creativity.

If you have made it through the end of this post, a big high five to you!

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